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Post 2: Starting Vision Therapy


Vision Therapy

The Optometrist that we’re working with recommends 16 sessions of vision therapy (two 1-hour sessions every week) between his assessments.  I scheduled all 16 of the appointments which fall between August and October 2017 because having the first “wave” of therapy on my Google Calendar makes me feel a little more in control of this situation which otherwise feels overwhelming, sad, scary, and frustrating.

The First Session

The Optometrist’s office scheduled a “special session” with a vision therapist so that his dad and I could observe the first session.  Instead of being in the larger treatment room where multiple children are being treated, they scheduled Mac in a private room with a therapist.  We observed Mac in several tasks (and tried them out ourselves) and it was disturbing to see him “fail” to be able to do most of the tasks.  We spoke to the therapist after the session to see what her assessment was based on her 12-years of experience and she said she has seen worse cases and that with time (sometimes a year) she has seen them improve dramatically.  I left the session feeling partly overwhelmed – but still optimistic. The old saying that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” seems to be the only way to think about that first hour.  We will keep taking baby steps (shout out to “What about Bob”) through the next 6 months to a year of therapy to see how far Mac can go.  I’ll update the blog for others who are on the journey or who are considering therapy versus surgery.

I never realized what a blessing it is to have “stereo vision” as I always took the coordination of my eyes for granted.  I have a new appreciation for what people who struggle with binocular vision disorders go through and a new hope that there are treatment options that can bring the eyes and brain into alignment.

Peace and blessings to all who are on a healing journey – and I think we are all on a healing journey in some sense.  Keep the faith!

*I’ll update this post with any other interesting developments that occur during the first 16-sessions of therapy*



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