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Post 4: Second Opinion

pexels-photo-707582.jpegAfter our less-than-impressive 16-weeks with the first optometrist, we decided to pursue a second opinion.  Mac was evaluated by another optometrist in October 2017 and her office and approach was different (and better!) than the first doctor in so many ways. The environment and equipment were more modern. Her answers were more straightforward and confident.  She said that intermittent, alternating exotropia is one of the conditions that responds best to therapy and that with 40 – 50 hours of treatment, Mac’s condition could improve dramatically.

Her office also only sees patients 1-on-1 for vision therapy, so we can kiss the train-station atmosphere of the first office goodbye! She reviews each child’s performance notes from each vision therapy session and tailors what exercises should be covered at the following session.  The previous doctor did no such thing – the kids just worked on whatever equipment was available (i.e. not being used by another child) in the train station – I mean, office.

And not only did she read Fixing My Gaze (which is not a heavy lift), she talked about what a great speaker Sue Barry is as she’s seen her multiple times at conferences.  To put it succinctly, she came across as an organized, professional, and competent optometrist.  Which is a complete departure from the first doctor we saw.

The bad news is that they have a waiting list so we can’t switch immediately.  We’ll have to wait a bit for a spot to open up, but my gut tells me that this new practice will give us the best possible chance of success from vision therapy.

I’ll update the blog as whenever we get started down this new path.

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