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Post 5: Academic Challenges

Mac’s teacher asked to meet with me due to his seeming inability to complete classwork within the allotted time periods for various tasks.  After talking to her and corresponding with a school counselor, we ended up setting up a “504” meeting to discuss his academic progress.  At another point in my life, the prospect of setting up any kind of “special education” meeting for my child would have thrown me into an emotional tailspin. However after dealing with the initial blow of finding out that he has a neurological vision problem a few months ago, I handled the idea of a 504 meeting with relative ease.  The meeting was attended by two vision specialists, his teacher, and two school counselors.

We went over his medical diagnosis and discussed the difficulties that he’s been having with completing work.  The main problem, in my estimation, is that he struggles with the motor skill of writing. A lot. His handwriting is very hard to read and he does not hold a pencil properly, even though I’ve tried many times to correct it.  He also has trouble writing “b’s” and “d’s” and “9s” and “p’s” correctly (lots of mixing them up).  I have been reading about dysgraphia and I think he may have that.  But what do I know?

The outcome of the meeting is that Mac’s issues were deemed to be below the threshold to warrant a 504 Plan at this time. But we are trying some accommodations to see if they work – like special pencils and wider-ruled paper.  We’ll meet again in a few months to reassess the situation.

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