strabismus, Vision Therapy

Post 6: New Optometrist


We’ve been going to the new optometrist for a couple of months now and it’s a huge shift from the first doctor (in a good way). Her therapists see patients one-on-one and parents are allowed to observe every session. They assign homework for us to do between our weekly sessions and the doctor reviews Mac’s progress with each session in order to tailor his treatment to his progress.  Although adding homework is something I was looking forward to, it’s definitely a challenge keeping up with regular (school) homework in addition to vision therapy homework and participation on the track team.

Anyway, after 2 months of weekly sessions and daily homework exercises, we found out that Mac is making progress!  His Dr. says he has improved his eye movement control, eye muscle control, and eye focus control!!!  Makes me want to do a “happy Snoop Dog” dance!



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