The End

I have neglected this blog for a long time. I expected my son’s vision journey to have a nice, neat ending, but that’s not how life works. According to his optometrist, his vision improved to the degree that weekly sessions were no longer needed. We continued with home-based computer vision therapy for several more months. Then we stopped doing that – and his vision remained the same. I think he gained a lot of control over his eyes from the vision therapy and we have even seen a 2nd eye doctor who agrees that his control is to the point where she would not recommend surgery.

I started this blog as a resource for anyone who was struggling with the decision of surgery vs vision therapy as I was when my son was first diagnosed. I would consider his story a VT success story and would recommend that if it appeals to you as an option, it’s definitely something to try out to see if it helps. It’s good to know that if things ever get worse, surgery could be an option in the future – and I’m glad that I did not jump to surgery as a first-line therapy since the results are often imperfect and cannot be reversed.

Thanks for reading and best wishes to you!!`

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